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"DoJa in NTT DoCoMo Phones"
Vol. 6, Issue 9, p. 90


Listing 1: Source Code for HelloWorldAppli.java

import com.nttdocomo.ui.*;

public class HelloWorldAppli extends IApplication implements SoftKeyListener {

    public void start(){
        Panel hpanel = new Panel();
        Label hlabel = new Label("Hello World!");



    public void softKeyPressed(int softKey){

    public void softKeyReleased(int softKey){
        if (softKey == Frame.SOFT_KEY_2){

Listing 2:  Application Descriptor File: HelloWorld.jam 

AppName = HelloWorld
AppClass = HelloWorldAppli
AppSize = 629
PackageURL = HelloWorld.jar
LastModified = Sat, 04 Aug 2001 23:00:10

Listing 3: hw.html: Example Web Page for the HelloWorld I-Appli

<object declare id="helloworld.dec" data="helloworldiappli.jam"
Please press
<a ijam="#helloworld.dec" href="handsetError.html"> here 

to download the i-appli. 


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