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"Building A Telephone/Voice Portal With Java, by Kent V. Klinner III & Dale B. Walker"
Vol. 6, Issue 5, p. 82


Listing 1 

public void service (PhoneCall call) throws IOException { 
        Phone phone = call.answer(this); 
        if (phone == null) return; 
String one = "1"; 
        int loopCounter = 0; 
        double beepLength = 1.2; // seconds 
        int beepFreq = 1000; // cycles/second 
        while(loopCounter < 3){ 
                phone.play(new File("pressOneToLeaveAMessage.wav"),one); 
        if      (getTouchtone().equals(one)){ 
                        phone.play(new File("leaveYourMessageAfterTheBeep.wav")); 
                        File messageFile = record(maxTime,maxSilence,beepFreq,beepLength,null); 
                pause(5); // wait 5 seconds 
        phone.play(new File("goodbye.wav")); 


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