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"PropArgs ­ Every Programmerıs Dream"
Vol 5 Issue 6, p.96


Listing 1 

public static void main(String[] args) 
      PropArgs props = new PropArgs("AppName",args,null); 
     props.addUsage("server", true, "<host>", "hostname"); 
props.addUsage("file", false, "<file name>"); 

  String server = props.get("server"); 
 String file = props.get("file","default_file"); 

Listing 2 

 Boolean debug = props.getBoolean{"debug"); 
 int size  = props.get("size",20); 
 Vector names = props.getVector("userlist"); 
 Color background = PropArgsObjFactory.getColor(props.get("backcolor")); 


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