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"Lightweight Components"
Vol. 2, Issue 10, p. 50


Listing 1.
// Pseudo-code 
public void paint(Graphics graphics) { 
  For each Component c child of this Container... 
    if c instanceof Lightweight AND c.isShowing()... 
      Create new Graphics g from graphics 
          using bounding rectangle of c 
    end if 
  end for 

Listing 2.
class MyPanel extends Panel { 
  // ... 
  public void paint(Graphics g) { 
    g.drawImage(imgBackground , 0, 0, this); 
    // Call super.paint() for Lightweights 
  // ... 

Listing 3.
class MyLightweight extends Lightweight { 
  // ... 
  public void paint(Graphics g) { 
    // Other painting code... 
  // ... 


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