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Aplix, Rococo Partner for Java-Bluetooth Platform
(London) ­ Java specialist Aplix is joining with Bluetooth vendor Rococo Software for an integrated Java-Bluetooth platform targeted at mobile phone OEMs and integrators.

The alliance will enable mobile phone manufacturers to implement a single, integrated solution for Java-Bluetooth technology support in Aplixıs JBlend Java Virtual Machine (JVM) environment. The companies will jointly market and sell the platform.

Unisys Introduces Mainframe-Scale Java Solution for Windows
(Blue Bell, PA) ­ Unisys Corporation has announced the availability of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for ES7000 servers, a Java computer platform that takes advantage of Microsoftıs operating environments. Now enterprise solutions created with Java software technology can tackle workloads that once could be handled only by expensive Unix-based servers by applying the 32-processor scalability of the Unisys ES7000. This new Unisys JVM can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge.

Strategic Focus Compares Developer Productivity Using Business Process Management Software and Java IDE
(Milpitas, CA) ­ Strategic Focus, a business strategy and software evaluation consulting firm, has completed a study that compares the developer productivity of building applications with business process management (BPM) software and a traditional Java development environment. Strategic Focus built a BPM application in each of the two development environments (BPM and Java IDE) following identical specifications, then measured the time needed to complete each phase of the software life cycle. A free copy of the 17-page white paper can be downloaded from www.pega.com or www.strategicfocus.com.

Patent-Pending Type 4 JDBC Drivers Providing Single Sign-on
(Rockville, MD) ­ DataDirect Technologies, a provider of components for connecting data and applications, has announced DataDirect Connect for JDBC 3.3, the first set of Type 4 JDBC drivers to support Windows authentication. DataDirect Technologies has implemented Windows authentication within their Type 4 JDBC components used for connecting Java applications to Microsoft SQL Server data. DataDirect Technologies has a patent pending on this new technology.

Panscopic Application Version 2.3 Released
(San Francisco) ­ Panscopic, a provider of J2EE self-serve reporting, has announced the availability of version 2.3 of the Panscopic Application. New features include XML data access and transformation capabilities via integration with BEAıs Liquid Data, the ability to build ad hoc reports using any existing query or report, and integration with Microsoft Excel, enabling enterprise data to be accessed from native Excel spreadsheets.

Wily Integrates Introscope with IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0
(Brisbane, CA) ­ Wily Technology has announced the direct integration of Introscope, Wilyıs Enterprise Java Application Management solution with IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0 for z/OS and OS/390. Introscope assists enterprises in the deployment and management of mainframe Java applications that meet the highest demands for performance and reliability.

NewMonics Wins Navy Contract for Hard Real-Time Java
(Tuscon, AZ) ­ NewMonics, Inc., was awarded a U.S. Navy contract to implement the integration of hard and soft real-time Java components for the large software systems targeted by the Navyıs Open Architecture Computing Environment (NOACE). The purpose of Navy Open Architecture (NOA) is to evolve Navy surface ship warfighting systems from the current status quo toward a unified Navy product line composed on a common computing environment (e.g., NOACE), a common set of warfighting functions shared across many platforms, and unique sets of warfighting functions associated with each ship class.

Thor Technologies Teams with Oracle
(San Francisco) ­ Thor Technologies, Inc., a provider of secure enterprise provisioning and an active member of the OraclePartnerNetwork, has announced the immediate availability of new Xellerate adapters for Oracle Internet Directory, the identity repository for the Oracle9i platform. The combination of these technologies gives organizations a comprehensive solution for effectively managing user identities and access rights to heterogeneous enterprise systems and applications. The result for enterprises is streamlined identity management capabilities and reduced administration. Thor is also a featured Oracle9i Application Server partner.

BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 Ships
(San Jose, CA) ­ BEA Systems, Inc., has announced the general availability of BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1, WebLogic Workshop 8.1, WebLogic Integration 8.1, and WebLogic Portal 8.1. BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 and each individual product, including the previously available WebLogic Server 8.1 and WebLogic JRockit 8.1, can be downloaded now from www.bea.com, or customers can receive the development versions of the products at no charge for one year as part of the BEA dev2dev subscription program. BEAıs new products are based on a unique software architecture developed by BEA, all based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), extensible mark-up language (XML), and emerging Web services standards. [email protected]

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