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EAI Consortium Partners with Gartner, Giga, DCI, SYS-CON, and BrainStorm
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada) - The EAI Industry Consortium, global voice for the industry leaders in enterprise application integration, announced its alliance with BrainStorm Group Inc., DCI, Gartner Inc., Giga, and SYS-CON Media in a drive to showcase its member companies' competitive edge in the industry. The partnership with the leading trade show service companies seeks to introduce business process integration within and between organizations using Internet-standard protocols and formats and to inform the marketplace of emerging integration technologies. www.eaiindustry.com

Sun Microsystems Launches Sun Developer Network
(Boston) - Sun Microsystems, Inc., has announced the launch of the Sun Developer Network, a new program focused on providing software developers with the content, training, support, and technology access they require to innovate and deliver applications and system solutions faster. The expanded program and portal located at java.sun.com integrates community dialog, content, access to technologies, and advanced learning that will enable Sun and individual developers to more quickly and efficiently implement applications that span multiple technologies, standards, and operating environments. http://sun.com

Sun Announces Fully Integrated Web Services Platform, Proposes JCP Specification
(Boston) - Sun Microsystems, Inc., has announced the availability of the Sun ONE Web Services Platform Developer Edition, the industry's first complete and fully integrated platform for Java-based Web services and application development. The Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) Web Services Platform delivers a complete platform offered at a single price and contains all the elements necessary to develop network-based enterprise applications in a single install.

Sun also announced that it has submitted a proposal to the Java Community Process that would expand the way Java developers build integration solutions by providing a standardized container for business integration components as part of the Java platform. With this new architecture, Sun anticipates that business integration will quickly converge with Web services, helping to accelerate their adoption and reduce integration costs. http://sun.com

Digital Evolution Unveils Complete Web Services Management Platform
(Santa Monica, CA) - Digital Evolution, Inc., a provider of Web service management products, has announced its new DE Management Server 2.0. Designed to help businesses conduct secure computing in an open-standards environment, the new server offers a comprehensive management platform that takes the complexity out of managing and using Web services.

The DE Management Server 2.0 comes preintegrated with existing enterprise security packages and systems, allowing organizations to leverage existing security infrastructure for the SOA rollout. www.digev.com

IONA Leads Standards Discussion at Web Services Edge East
(Waltham, MA) - IONA's chief technology officer, Eric Newcomer, led a panel of software industry experts at the Web Services Edge East Conference in Boston. The panel, entitled, "Web Services Architecture: The Next Big Spec, From the Mouths of the W3C Authors" was part of the conference's Web Services track. The panel discussed how the W3C will shape the future of Web services with a successful architecture specification. With Mr. Newcomer on the panel were Heather Kreger, Web services lead architect for emerging technologies at IBM; Michael Champion, lead research and development specialist at Software AG; and David Booth, senior research architect at W3C. www.iona.com

Sybase Delivers Technical Session on Achieving Information Liquidity
(Boston) - Robert Breton, senior director of product strategy for the e-Business Division of Sybase, delivered a presentation at the Web Services Edge 2003 East conference, entitled "Achieving Information Liquidity through Web Services." Sybase defines "Information Liquidity" as the efficiency with which a company transforms data into economic value. Attendees learned how this concept is guiding businesses to gain maximum value from their IT investments through Web services. www.sybase.com

World's First SOAP/MIME File Transfer Web Service Released
(Boston) - FileUp Enterprise Edition (FileUpEE), the world's first SOAP/MIME file transfer Web service, was released by SoftArtisans at the Web Services Edge 2003 East - International Web Services Conference & Expo. SoftArtisans also announced the release date for WordWriter for .NET, their newest product for creating Microsoft Word documents on the Web.

With FileUpEE, multigigabyte files, even those in excess of 100GB, are securely transferable within a Web farm environment. FileUpEE scales to the most demanding Web sites, consisting of numerous server farms and multiple levels of security. Content is secured at both the Web server and file server level, ensuring high availability and redundancy. FileUpEE File Servers can be isolated and protected far beyond any other method available today. www.softartisans.com

Parasoft Provides Enhanced Automated Error Prevention Tool
(Monrovia, CA) - Parasoft has announced a preview of SOAPtest 2.0, its automated testing tool for Web services. The new version, due out in May, was previewed at the Web Services Edge East show in Boston.

SOAPtest's automated technologies help development teams prevent errors by performing server functional testing, load testing, and client testing with just the click of a button. In addition, developers can also use SOAPtest as a proxy server to view and verify messages between a client and a Web service. www.parasoft.com/soaptest

Altova and DataPower Team to Deliver XML Web Services Security
(Beverly, MA, and Cambridge, MA) - DataPower Technology, Inc., provider of intelligent XML-aware network infrastructure, and Altova, Inc., provider of XML software tools solutions, have announced the availability of XMLSPY 5 integrated with the Datapower XS40 XML Security Gateway. The unified solution addresses the need for centralized XML Web services security without forcing application developers to alter preexisting design and deployment practices in any way. www.altova.com, www.datapower.com

Actional Unveils Web Services Management Server and Console
(Mountain View, CA) - Actional Corporation has unveiled the Actional Looking Glass Web services management server and console. The new offering enables organizations to reduce the time and cost of managing the impact of change inherent in dynamic Web service networks.

Actional Looking Glass provides a centralized control console combined with a powerful management server that enables users to quickly visualize, understand, monitor, and manage complex Web service networks. www.actional.com

Actional Introduces Web Services Initiative, Partners with Microsoft
(Mountain View, CA) - Actional Corporation has announced a detailed initiative to deliver solutions that allow organizations to minimize the impact of constant change inherent in dynamic enterprise Web services environments. As part of this initiative, Actional is announcing a series of new products, strategic partnerships, and customers, demonstrating its market momentum and ongoing commitment to helping organizations realize the full potential of their Web services deployments.

To help deliver on its commitment to helping customers maximize the value of their Web services deployments, Actional is announcing a strategic technology, consulting, marketing, and sales agreement with Microsoft Corporation. The two companies will jointly market and sell their solutions promoting their combined strengths. In addition, James Phillips, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Actional Corporation, has been selected to participate as a member of Microsoft's Infrastructure Advisory Council. www.actional.com, www.microsoft.com

Altova's AUTHENTIC 5 Has 200,000 New Users in Two Weeks
(Beverly, MA) - Altova Inc., producer of XMLSPY, has announced the widespread adoption and success of their recently released free XML document editor, AUTHENTIC 5. When AUTHENTIC 5 became publicly available under a free license in February, Altova generated approximately 200,000 new users worldwide in two weeks.

AUTHENTIC 5 is available immediately for free download at www.altova.com/download_authentic.html and is now offered under a free software license. www.altova.com

Among their users are Agile.Net, CarsDirect.com, the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association/Memorial Hall Museum in Old Deerfield, Massachusetts, the University of Regensburg's MedicMed Project, Oxford Analytica, and UC Irvine.

2003 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Actional Corporation
Actional solutions help organizations avoid the cost and complexity of unmanaged Web services deployments. Actional's Web services management platform provides unmatched visibility, flexibility, and active control across the entire Web service network - ensuring uptime while dramatically reducing the costs of ongoing Web services management.

Altio, Inc.
Altio offers an XML presentation layer that allows you to bring a live, desktop-style interface to Web applications. Using AltioLive, businesses can integrate their Web applications, legacy applications, and Web services into one unified interface with drag-and-drop capabilities and real-time data feeds.

Altova produces and markets XMLSPY 5 Suite, the ultimate Web services development tools suite, featuring a SOAP Debugger and Tester, and many other tools for developing XML Schema, WSDL and UDDI files, and much more.

This publication targets professional developers who use Microsoft's ASP.NET (Active Server Pages.NET) technology to build Web-enabled applications and business solutions.

ASPstreet.com is a collaborative portal and marketplace for application service providers (ASPs) and the Web services industry. In the rapidly expanding Web and .NET world, ASPstreet.com is the one-stop hub for all players interested in this emerging marketplace.

Attachmate Corporation
Founded in 1982, Attachmate Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is a privately held worldwide supplier of mission-critical host access solutions for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises. Attachmate provides direct, real-time access to back-office systems, Web- and desktop-to-host solutions, plus flexible enterprise application integration and Web services offerings.

Computer Associates
Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), delivers software that manages a company's infrastructure by addressing today's most critical business processes, information and technology management challenges. More than two decades of innovation, commitment and quality make CA the technology partner of choice.

Compuware Corporation
Compuware Corporation provides business value through software and professional services that optimize productivity and reduce cost across the application life cycle. Pattern-based, model-driven development with Compuware's OptimalJ provides one of the best means to tackle the challenges development organizations face today.

(Trans-World Resources, LLC)

Think all J2EE training is similar? Trans-World Resources has provided exceptional J2EE training on behalf of BEA, according to Bill Lawson, senior manager, BEA.

DataPower provides enterprises with an intelligent, XML-aware network infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance and security of next-generation XML Web services applications. DataPower's patent-pending XG3 technology powers the industry's first XML-aware networking devices to provide immediate return on technology investments while streamlining application deployments.

Digital Evolution
Tested in the Fortune 500, the DE Management Server 2.0 is the only Web services management application that delivers enterprise-level security, UDDI, multitransport protocols, routing, and performance monitoring for a complex enterprise. Digital Evolution's products and solutions give organizations the power to manage their business processes within a standards-based, vendor-neutral framework.

EAI Industry Consortium
The EAI Industry Consortium is a nonprofit global advocacy group developed to promote enterprise application integration through sponsored research, the establishment of standards and guidelines, best practices, and articulation of strategic and measurable benefits. The member-driven consortium, designed as an EAI information hub, encompasses marketplace education, resource tools, and EAI trends, providing members with a venue to develop, create, and debate.

Ektron Inc.
Ektron is the vendor of choice for flexible, scalable, and affordable solutions designed to achieve Web content success - today, tomorrow, and beyond. Worldwide, more than 7,000 organizations trust Ektron to help solve their real-world Web content management problems. What's your Web problem?

Forum Systems
To maintain trust with business partners, companies cannot afford to leave entrusted information susceptible to tampering or theft. While most companies focus on XML security in transit, the network is most vulnerable. Forum Systems offers a complete answer, enabling companies to extend their Web services without extending risk. The FS Sentry 2500 ensures integrity through digital signatures, document structure validation, and document translation. It also provides security, rendering encrypted information useless to violators on the network or in transit.

HP showcased Web application and services management tools and solutions that enable software developers to easily design and develop for manageability. HP OpenView and Eclipse development tools and new technologies for voice interactive services streamline the development process.

HSPstreet.com is a collaborative portal enabling buyers to find the appropriate Web hosting plan and partners. In the rapidly expanding Web hosting world, HSPstreet.com is a one-stop hub for all players interested in the HSP marketplace.

IONA is the leading provider of Rapid Integration software, with more than 4,500 customers worldwide. IONA's rapid integration software products are built on service-oriented architectures that increase reuse of software assets to deliver lasting results, standards-based software that enables vendor independence, and incremental deployment capabilities that lower the customer's risk.

Itellix Software Solutions
Itellix, a software products and services company, focuses on the use of contemporary technologies to realize technology-driven business initiatives. Its flagship product, Wisiba, is a platform-independent, standards-compliant Web services management suite that facilitates organizations to derive commercial value from their Web services initiatives. The Wisiba product suite is composed of Wisiba - Nucleus, Commerce, Optimizer, Intelligence, and Orchestra.

iTKO, Inc.
iTKO develops some of today's most complex CRM, Web, and back-office applications. iTKO's latest innovation, LISA, made its debut at the Web Services Edge East Conference & Expo and has everyone talking. LISA is a no-code unit, functional, regression, and load-testing product that will change the way you feel about automated testing forever.

Java Developer's Journal
Java Developer's Journal is the premier independent, vendor-neutral magazine serving the information needs of the entire community of developers in the Java programming language and Java platform.

For an audience that demands comprehensive, hands-on information about the news and trends in Java technology, no other information source can match JavaWorld's content. JavaWorld is assembled by an award-winning editorial team and authored by seasoned Java developers and industry experts.

Jinfonet Software
Jinfonet Software is the developer of JReport, a 100% Java reporting tool, written to run on any platform, access any data source, and create any report. JReport Designer is a visual report design interface; JReport Enterprise Server is a high-performance, J2EE-compliant server for deploying reports over the Web.

McCabe & Associates
McCabe & Associates enables IT to deliver better applications by providing products and process that implement a relevant, repeatable, and measurable approach to managing software changes and their effects on the testing and quality of applications. McCabe products include McCabe QA, McCabe Test, and McCabe TRUEchange.

Melissa Data
Melissa Data, founded in 1985, is the leading provider of data-quality solutions to help you achieve the highest level of quality contact information. You'll find our versatile line of software, components, database, and services are easy to use and cost-effective. You'll save money, boost response rates, and increase your bottom line.

Merant's PVCS products help you organize, manage, and protect software development assets and improve development efficiency. Leverage the common-use interface of Visual Studio .NET with PVCS to gain greater productivity and control with version/build management, issue and change management, and life-cycle development.

Microsoft Corporation
Introducing Visual Studio .NET - visionary yet practical, the single comprehensive development tool for creating the next generation of applications has arrived. Developers can use Visual Studio .NET to build the next-generation Internet, create powerful applications fast and effectively, and span any platform or device. Visual Studio .NET is the only development environment built from the ground up for XML Web services. By allowing applications to share data over the Internet, XML Web services enable developers to assemble applications from new and existing code, regardless of platform, programming language, or object model.

Mindreef, LLC
Mindreef SOAPscope is an easy-to-use, toolkit-independent diagnostic aid for developers, testers, and application support technicians who must isolate Web services problems. SOAPscope has a powerful logger/viewer that shows the SOAP communication flow, making it easy to view, isolate, and debug Web services problems.

MySQL develops, markets and supports the MySQL database server, the world's most popular open-source database. With an estimated 4 million installations and over 27,000 downloads per day, MySQL is becoming the core of many high-volume, business-critical applications for companies like Yahoo! and Cisco.

.NET Developer's Journal
.NET Developer's Journal covers everything of interest to developers working with Microsoft .NET technologies - all from a completely independent and nonbiased perspective.

OASIS is the nonprofit, international consortium that has been providing open solutions for electronic data interchange since 1993. Dedicated from its inception to the technology now known as XML, OASIS is the world's largest independent, vendor-neutral organization for the standardization of XML applications in electronic commerce. The primary mission of OASIS and its members is to identify and resolve interoperability issues that exist between XML applications and technologies.

Oracle Corporation
Oracle Corporation is the world's largest enterprise software company, providing enterprise software to the world's largest and most successful businesses. With annual revenues of more than $9.4 billion, the company offers its database, tools, and application products, along with related consulting, education, and support services.

Parasoft Corporation
Parasoft is a leading provider of error-prevention tools that help companies improve their software development processes. These tools assist teams working on C/C++, Java, Web, and enterprise applications to significantly reduce costs by shortening development cycles, improving overall quality, and reducing time to market.

The main focus of PerfectXML is XML, Web services, and related technologies for business people and technologists - from both a practitioner and learner perspective. The PerfectXML team works hard to provide best collection of well-organized links, developer-oriented articles and other content, up-to-date news, code samples, and an exhaustive listing of software and tools available.

Rational Software
Rational Software provides a software development platform that improves the speed, quality, and predictability of software projects. This integrated, full life-cycle solution combines software engineering best practices, market-leading tools, and professional services. Ninety-six of the Fortune 100 rely on Rational tools and services to build better software, faster.

Sams Publishing-Pearson Tech Group
Sams Publishing has more than 500 titles in print, and is one of the most successful computer book publishers in the world. From introductory tutorials to comprehensive reference books, Sams Publishing focuses on teaching tomorrow's programmers, developers, and system administrators the skills they need to build and manage emerging technologies.

SD Times
SD Times is the newspaper of record for the software development industry. It provides news, news analysis, specialized features, and comprehensive analyses on new products, alliances, and emerging market trends for software and application development managers, IT managers, and ISVs, who manage development projects. Subscriptions are free.

SlickEdit, Inc.
SlickEdit Inc., provides software developers with the most comprehensive and flexible code editor available. Visual SlickEdit, proven across a wide range of programming languages and on Windows, Linux, Unix, and zSeries mainframe platforms, enables even the most accomplished developers to code faster and meet increasingly aggressive deadlines.

SoftArtisans, Inc.
With enterprise-class products like ExcelWriter and FileUp, SoftArtisans assists clients on any development platform to build robust reporting, file transfer, and Web-based solutions. Over 16,000 customers in more than 70 countries benefit from SoftArtisans products and technical services.

Software AG
Software AG, Inc., is a pioneer in XML solutions and a leading global provider of system software and services enabling enterprise data integration and management. Our products and solutions focus on standards-based XML integration such as Web services and enterprise content management.

SpiritSoft, the leading provider of integration software using JMS and JCache technologies, enables developers to align IT resources on a unified foundation built on open standards, which lowers the cost of an existing IT infrastructure and boosts performance and return on investment. SpiritWave Message Server, the leading Java Message Service (JMS) implementation, provides reliable, flexible, and secure messaging to enable flexible integration between new and existing enterprise applications. SpiritWave Open JMS Framework also allows developers to integrate proprietary middleware and offers a range of interface/language bindings for legacy enterprise applications.

Sun Microsystems
Sun was founded with one driving vision. A vision of computers that talk to each other no matter who built them. A vision in which technology works for you, not the other way around. While others protected proprietary, stand-alone architectures, we focused on taking companies into the network age, providing systems and software with the scalability and reliability needed for the electronic marketplace.

Sybase, Inc.
Sybase has always delivered solutions that help customers to share data. Sybase is platform independent and integrates everything: platforms, application servers, components, databases, portals, processes, message brokers, and mobile/wireless. Our technologies promote ease of use, leverage best practices, ensure positive ROI, and help your organization build a successful, pragmatic strategy based on next-generation technologies.

Teamstudio, Inc.
Founded in 1996, Teamstudio develops and markets award-winning, agile software tools that enhance developer productivity and improve application quality. Product lines include solutions for Lotus Notes, Domino, and Java developers, and Web-to-host integration.

Trilog Group, Inc.
Trilog Group is the only software company that provides a fully integrated platform for J2EE RAD, BPM, and Web services integration. Fortune 500 companies have used FlowBuilder Visual XSP Studio to drastically reduce development and integration costs by capitalizing on its ultra-rapid, highly visual, XML-centric method to manufacture and assemble enterprise application components and Web services.

Vultus, Inc.
Vultus speeds the adoption of best-of-breed Web applications that greatly enhance corporate Internet strategies. Our technology provides a flexible, secure platform to facilitate closer business relationships with new and existing customers. Vultus products are designed to extend long-term IT and business ROI for our customers by adhering to the latest industry protocols.

Web Services Journal
Web Services Journal is the premier publication addressing the technical and strategic depth of Web services. It is for anyone who wishes to apply the new model for creating and using distributed applications across the Internet, utilizing common interfaces for efficient communication and high-level interoperability.

WowGao.com is an international leader in Web services deployment, hosting, and portal. GAO Research Inc. (www.GaoResearch.com), offers solutions for modem (ADSL, V.92, V.90,. etc), fax, modem/fax relays, telephony, speech, VoIP, and gateways. GAO Web Services Inc. (www.GaoWebServices.com), specializes in Web services. Its powerful, modular, and scalable J2EE-based UDDI is available for license.

XML-Journal is the world's leading print and online resource for Internet technology professionals involved with the worldwide development and implementation of XML. Each issue contains the latest news concerning enterprise application integration and Web services, XML standards, new developments in e-commerce, product reviews, tutorials, case studies, and interviews with i-technology leaders.

Xtremesoft, Inc.
Xtremesoft is the leading provider of software solutions that maximize the availability of applications on the Microsoft platform. These solutions enable businesses to transform and process data derived from their applications into business intelligence upon which decisions can be made.

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