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Ashnasoft Releases AshnaMQ 2.0
(Fremont, CA) – Ashnasoft Corporation has announced the newest release of its highest-performing JMS server. AshnaMQ 2.0 boosts performance, provides a command-line interface, and comes with an easy-to-use monitoring console. It continues to be lightweight so it can run on PDAs and phones (J2ME).

Sun Announces J2SE v 1.4
(Santa Clara, CA) – Sun Microsystems, Inc., has announced the general availability of J2SE version 1.4. The latest iteration of J2SE advances client application development with new GUI controls, accelerated Java 2DT graphics performance, expanded internationalization and localization support, new deployment options, and expanded support for Windows XP.

Sitraka Announces PerformaSure 1.1
(Toronto) – Sitraka has released Sitraka PerformaSure version 1.1, a transaction-centric diagnosis tool for multitiered J2EE applications that enables e-business performance teams to measure, analyze, and maximize performance prior to application deployment.

PerformaSure’s Tag-and-Follow technology reconstructs the execution path of end-user transactions, highlighting performance hot spots to accelerate the diagnosis of unacceptable e-business response times.

Sybase Unveils EAServer 4.1
(Emeryville, CA) – Sybase, Inc., has released EAServer 4.1, a production-ready application server with J2EE 1.3 compatibility and next-generation support for Web services development, integration, and infrastructure.

EAServer 4.1 provides an integrated security model to enable customers to deliver secure enterprise Web services including single sign-on, role-based access control, and secure business objects out of the box.

 PointBase Announces PointBase 4.2 and UniSync 4.2
(Mountain View, CA) – PointBase, Inc., has announced the latest upgrade to its family of pure Java, small-footprint database management solutions.

Enhancements to the PointBase 4.2 product suite include Autoincrement, also known as Identity Columns, and API functionality for loading and unloading SQL data to and from a database.

PointBase UniSync 4.2, the latest upgrade to the company’s database and synchronization software, enables database synchronization between Java-enabled mobile devices and J2EE enterprise databases, increasing performance by almost 1,000%.

Rational XDE Professional v2002: Java Platform Edition
(Lexington, MA) – Rational Software’s Rational XDE Professional v2002: Java Platform Edition accelerates software development by eliminating the gap between design and development in Java IDEs.

It enables Java developers to code and design directly in the IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer without switching between different, loosely integrated tools. The software also includes the IBM Eclipse IDE, providing a Java integrated development environment to developers who are not committed to a particular Java IDE.


 THOUGHT Inc. Ships CocoBase Enterprise O/R 4.0
(San Francisco) – THOUGHT Inc. has announced the release of version 4 of CocoBase Enterprise O/R. This new release adds support for EJB 2.0, CMP entity bean relationships, local and remote bean interfaces, extended transparent persistence support for local and distributed environments, generic session beans, and Tomcat 4.0 JSP code templates with optional user transaction objects.

Nazomi Introduces Java Accelerator Chip for Wireless Apps
(Santa Clara) – Nazomi Communications Inc. has unveiled its first silicon IC product, the JA108. The new Java accelerator chip speeds up Java software execution while conserving battery life in 2G/2.5G/3G devices. It’s the first in a series of product offerings under Nazomi’s new KChip product line.

The JA108 works with any baseband processor, chip set, system on chip (SoC), or microprocessor, and is transparent to existing designs and legacy operating systems. It also allows designers to choose any JVM or real-time operating system.

Nextel / RIM to Create Brainier BlackBerry
(Reston, VA) – Nextel Communications announced a three-way agreement with Research in Motion (RIM) and Motorola to develop a BlackBerry PDA featuring voice and data capabilities.  Operating on Nextel’s national voice and packet data network, the smart phone will include Motorola’s iDEN integrated digital wireless network technology enabling “always on” Internet access, text paging, and two-way radio communications.

RIM’s BlackBerry wireless e-mail software will be integrated with Nextel’s digital two-way radio service, text and numeric paging, and wireless Web online services. The device will also support J2ME applications.

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