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Some of the more commonly asked questions on the various forums for J2ME seem to be, "What is J2ME?" and "Is <so-and-so-product> a part of J2ME?" Here is where you will find all the APIs that fall beneath J2ME's umbrella, and the packages you will find within those APIs.

Connected, Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) - Version 1.0

java.io input and output through data streams
java.lang fundamental classes
java.util collections, data and time facilities, other utilities
javax.microedition.io generic connections classes
You can find more information on CLDC at the following URL:

Connected Device Configuration (CDC) - Version 0.2

java.io input and output
java.lang fundamental classes
java.lang.ref reference object classes
java.lang.reflect reflective information about classes
java.math BigInteger support
java.net networking support
java.security security framework
java.security.cert parsing and management of certificates
java.text used for handling text, dates, numbers and messages
java.text.resources contains a base class for locale elements
java.util collections, date/time, miscellaneous functions
java.util.jar reading Jar files
java.util.zip reading Zip files
javax.microedition.io connections classes
Look for more CDC information here:

Mobile Information Device Profile - Version 1.0

java.lang CLDC, plus an additional exception
java.util CLDC, plus timer facilities
javax.microedition.io networking support based upon the CLDC framework
javax.microedition.lcdui for user interfaces for MIDP applications
javax.microedition.rms persistent data storage
javax.microedition.midlet defines applications and interactions between app and environment
The products page for MIDP is here:

Foundation Profile - Version 0.2

java.io see CDC
java.lang see CDC
java.lang.ref see CDC
java.lang.reflect see CDC
java.math see CDC
java.net see CDC
java.security see CDC
java.security.cert see CDC
java.security.acl access control lists
java.security.interfaces interfaces for generating keys
java.security.spec key specifications, and algorithm parameter specifications
java.text see CDC
java.text.resources see CDC
java.util see CDC
java.util.jar see CDC
java.util.zip see CDC
javax.microedition.io see CDC
The profile products page is here:

J2ME RMI Profile (JSR #66)
This profile interoperates with J2SE RMI, and provides Java platform-to-Java platform remote method invocation for Java devices.

J2ME Game Profile (JSR #134)
This is a proposed Micro Edition specification, so nothing is yet defined. According to the JCP home page for JSR #134 (the Game Profile), the following areas will be covered:

1. 3D Modeling and Rendering for Games
2. 3D Physics Modeling for Games
3. 3D Character Animation for Games
4. 2D Rendering and Video Buffer Flipping for Games
5. Game Marshalling and Networked Communication
6. Streaming Media for Games
7. Sound for Games
8. Game Controllers
9. Hardware Access for Games

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