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i-net Announces New Release of Crystal-Clear
(Berlin, Germany) - i-net Software has introduced Crystal-Clear version 2.0, a Java report engine that enables the cross-platform usage of Crystal Reports. This new release comes in two flavors: an EJB version and a standard version, and both support runtime design components and crosstabs. A new configuration tool provides an easy interface for the deployment of the report engine.

TEOCO and Kada Team to Develop Mobile Enterprise Apps
(Fairfax, VA / Burlington, MA) - TEOCO has joined the Kada Mobile Developer Network (MDN). Developers at TELCO will utilize the Kada Mobile Platform (Kada Mobile) to tune, optimize, and deploy next-generation mobile applications.

ProSyst Launches mBedded Server 5.0
(Cologne, Germany) - ProSyst Software AG announced mBedded Server 5.0. The release offers complete support for OSGi standard 2.0, more flexibility in tests and implementations, and new capabilities for both the development of net-ready devices and the design of applications using Open Service Gateways scenarios.
www.prosyst.com              .

realMethods Announces New 1.5 Beta of Framework
(Bridgewater, MA) - realMethods, provider of the realMethods Framework, announced lower pricing and a complimentary program for their flagship J2EE Application Framework. realMethods also revealed forthcoming product enhancements in the release of the realMethods Framework 1.5 Beta.

The Complimentary Framework program gives realMethods' clients the opportunity to use the Framework for one year at no cost.

iPlanet Web Services Integration Platform
(Santa Clara, CA) - iPlanet launched the EAI and B2B versions of iPlanet Integration Server, its latest release to the Sun ONE Web services vision. Director of product marketing, Sanjay Sarathy, spoke to JDJ regarding the significance of this release: "This release enables iPlanet to be one of the only platforms that enable the full Web services integration service."

This release includes a complete implementation of SOAP and XSLT modules, the latter based on the NetBeans open-source architecture, to allow developers to easily create rules and schemas. Full details, along with a free download, can be found at

Vertel Announces Java Edition of OM Product Line
(Woodland Hills, CA) - Vertel Corp. announced the availability of the Java Edition of its Object Management (OM) product line. The OM product line provides network management functionality for embedded equipment applications, telecom management applications, and integration with legacy as well as next-generation operations support systems (OSS) in both C++ and Java.

IONA Announces Orbix/E 2.0
(Boston) - IONA announced a C/C++ and Java version of Orbix/E 2.0 (previously marketed as Orbacus/E), a lightweight distributed computing platform optimized for embedded applications. Orbix/E 2.0 for Java offers a pure Java implementation with functional equivalence to the C/C++ version of the product. With support for Sun Microsystems' J2ME, J2SE, and PersonalJava specifications, Orbix/E 2.0 is suitable for a variety of wireless and handheld devices.

Espial Delivers First Scalable Java Browser
(Ottawa, Canada) - Espial announced the release of Espial Escape 4.8, a 100% Java browser offering a scalable configuration that matches the memory requirements of a wide range of devices. Escape 4.8 allows the developer to selectively disable support for certain Internet standards so the browser can be tailored to run in resource-constrained designs or offer full functionality for other, more powerful devices.

LogicChain Acquired to Form Crisp Wireless
(New York, NY) - LogicChain, Inc., announced that Crisp Partners has acquired an equity stake in the company to form a new mobile content-services company, Crisp Wireless. Crisp Wireless, focused on mobile content, entertainment, and multimedia application and service development, launches operations backed by a combination of LogicChain's mLogic Engine and Crisp Partners, a group with executive-level experience from premier wireless and media companies.

CyberTeams Upgrades Content Management Products
(Frederick, MD) - CyberTeams, Inc., released version 2.1 of WebSite Director Pro, its Web content-management system. In addition to expanding its content-management capabilities, the release includes a new Java-based user interface, enhanced workflow management, robust template-based content deployment, and database publishing capabilities.

Sims Computing Releases Flux 3.1
(Billings, MT) - Sims Computing introduced Flux 3.1, a software component that provides job scheduling functionality to Java and J2EE applications.

Flux 3.1 contains 30 improvements over Flux 3.0, including a Web-based management console for administering Flux from a Web browser and support for interacting with Flux using XML.

Insignia Names Potts as Senior VP of Sales
(Fremont, CA) - Insignia Solutions has appointed Lamar Potts, former Be, Inc., executive, as senior vice president of worldwide sales. Potts is responsible for the day-to-day management of sales including direct and OEM sales, sales strategy, and business development. He will report to Mark McMillan, Insignia's president and chief operating officer.

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