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ServletExec 4.0 Released
(Alpharetta, GA) - New Atlanta Communications, LLC, announced the availability of ServletExec 4.0, the only commercial product to feature Servlet API 2.3 and JSP 1.2. It also includes the ability to configure JDBC 2.0 data sources, Web application security, resource monitoring, general performance enhancements, and a straightforward installation and configuration process.

The product is available for immediate download at www.servletexec.com.

Borland Announces New Version of Studio for Java
(Long Beach, CA) - Borland Software Corporation unveiled the new Borland Enterprise Studio for Java (the Studio), an application development life-cycle solution for building enterprise applications. This new version offers tighter integration between RationalRose, Borland JBuilder, and XML integration.

CocoBase Enterprise O/R Optimized for JBuilder 5
(San Francisco, CA) - THOUGHT, Inc.'s, CocoBase Enterprise O/R is now optimized for the Borland JBuilder 5 IDE. CocoBase enables companies to integrate relational data with EJB applications. Customers using CocoBase with JBuilder can now gain time and labor savings by generating scalable and high-performance CMP and BMP, in addition to JSP with its dynamic mapping capability.

    . www.thoughtinc.com

Flashline Prepares Corporations for Software Reuse
(Cleveland, OH) - Flashline is offering a range of consulting and educational services to teach organizations how to succeed with a reuse initiative. The services address all stages of component-based development (CBD) and reuse adoption.

All services are offered on an individual basis. The readiness review and the reuse analysis survey are included with the purchase of Flashline Component Manager, Enterprise Edition (CMEE).

New Atlanta Acquires JTurbo Business Unit
(Alpharetta, GA) - New Atlanta Communications, LLC, has acquired the JTurbo business unit from Ashna Incorporated, a privately held Newark, California-based firm. The acquisition expands the company's software offerings to include Sun-certified Type 4 JDBC drivers for Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7, and 2000.

Sitraka Accelerates Performance Tuning of E-Business Apps
(Toronto, ON) - Sitraka announced the full integration and support of Sitraka JProbe with Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS). The integration of Sitraka JProbe with Oracle9i provides Oracle customers with the ability to identify and eliminate performance issues to ensure the development of high-quality applications that meet their performance criteria.

Segue Upgrades E-Business Reliability Tools
(Lexington, MA) - Segue Software, Inc., unveiled the newest versions of two of its e-business reliability products: SilkPilot 2.2, which allows customers to test the interaction between applications, middleware, and servers; and SilkMeter/ASP, the Web-based extension of the SilkMeter licensing technology.

Segue also introduced its "SilkCard" technology, a usage-based debit system that gives software consultants flexibility in deploying Segue's e-business reliability solutions.

Sybase Unveils Enterprise Portal - Express Edition 2.0
(Emeryville, CA) - Sybase, Inc., launched Sybase Enterprise Portal - Express Edition 2.0, which enables enterprises to deploy a personalized, common interface to multiple applications and information sources with single sign-on security. It's a new offering within Sybase's Enterprise Portal product family.

Key features include prebuilt portlets for content feeds and searches; prebuilt support for search, categorization, and personalization; and a full-featured security framework with LDAP and single sign-on support.

SilverStream Introduces
jBroker Web 1.0

(Billerica, MA) - SilverStream Software, Inc., released jBroker Web 1.0, a portable Web services engine and tool designed to build, run, and invoke Web services using Java.

jBroker Web provides a standards-compliant, Web services runtime with a small footprint and flexible architecture.

jBroker Web is free and available for download at http://extend.silverstream.com.

DWL, Sun, iPlanet Announce Transactional CRM Solution
(New York, NY | Palo Alto, CA) - DWL Inc., Sun Microsystems, Inc., and iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, a Sun-Netscape Alliance, announced an EJB architecture-based transactional CRM solution. Powered by iPlanet Application Server and Enterprise Edition software and supporting J2EE, the solution will help financial services and insurance companies leverage and consolidate back-end legacy and administrative systems to create personalized portals that support key CRM functionality.

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