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Everlasting Systems Introduces SGIL Software         Suite for Software Internationalization, by JDJ News Desk

Everlasting Systems Introduces SGIL Software Suite for Software Internationalization
(San Francisco, CA) - Everlasting Systems, Limited announced at the 2001 JavaOne Conference the debut of the Software Globalization by Internalization for Localization (SGIL) Software Suite in the North American region.

The SGIL Software Suite features a software globalization framework with a set of components, APIs, and utilities that assess the internationalization status of software applications, then enable and optimize software globalization by internationalization for localization.www.everlastingsystems.com

CocoBase Enterprise O/R Optimized for VisualAge for Java
(San Francisco, CA) - THOUGHT, Inc.'s CocoBase Enterprise O/R is now optimized for IBM's VisualAge for Java IDE. Customers using CocoBase with VA now have the ability to gain substantial time and labor savings through generating scalable and high-performance, enterprise-ready container and bean-managed persistence (CMP/BMP) in addition to JavaServer Pages, with its dynamic mapping capability. www.thoughtinc.com

preEmptive solutions Releases DashO Embedded Edition
(Cleveland, OH) - preEmptive solutions, Inc., has announced the availability of the embedded edition of DashO, their tool for post-compilation packaging of Java byte code. DashO-EE includes obfuscation, optimizing, and size-reduction capabilities. www.preemptive.com

QA-Systems Unveils QStudio Java 1.4:
(The Netherlands) - QStudio Java, the code inspection and quality analysis solution for Java development, can now be seamlessly integrated with JBuilder 5. QStudio Java 1.4 comes in three versions: Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. A trial version can be downloaded from www.qa-systems.com

Zero G Ships New Versions of PowerUpdate
(San Francisco, CA) - Zero G Software has announced the immediate availability of PowerUpdate Server, PowerUpdate Pro, and PowerUpdate Now! suite of software products and services that deliver a complete software updating solution.

PowerUpdate runs on AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows (95, 98, Me, NT, and 2000), and is fully compatible with most commercial installation and deployment solutions. www.ZeroG.com

Empirix Releases e-TEST Suite 5.1
(Waltham, MA) - Empirix Inc. (formerly RSW Software and Hammer Technologies) has introduced e-TEST suite 5.1, with added functionality that accelerates Web application test and monitoring.

Other new features include enhanced Web reporting, extended support for testing Java applets deployed with the Java Virtual Machines (JVM) from Sun Microsystems and Microsoft, and enhanced support for WAP applications, including support for the Nokia WAP simulator. www.empirix.com

PointBase Unveils PointBase Micro
(Mountain View, CA) - PointBase announced an industry first with PointBase Micro, a new fast, ultra-small SQL relational database with a footprint of less than 45KB. Written entirely in Java, the database is optimized for Sun's J2ME and J2SE, and uses a subset of JDBC technology as the API, making it ideal for next-generation Java technology-based database applications for occasionally connected and mobile devices, such as smart phones and PDAs. www.pointbase.com

Computer Associates Delivers Comprehensive Solutions for J2EE
(San Francisco, CA) - Computer Associates (CA) International, Inc. announced delivery of a comprehensive portfolio of e-business management solutions to build, deploy, integrate, manage, and visualize J2EE technology-based applications.

CA also announced it has become a J2EE licensee, extending its relationship with Sun and furthering its commitment to provide management solutions for Sun's Java and J2EE technologies as a development environment for e-business.http://ca.com

HiT Allora Extends Sun's Forte for Java, JBuilder and Visual Basic
(San Jose, CA) - HiT Software's Allora now includes code wizards for Sun Microsystems' Forte for Java, release 2.0, Borland's JBuilder Version 4.0, and Microsoft's Visual Basic Version 6.0. Allora wizards work in conjunction with its runtime XML-RDB integration engine, and support all major relational databases (RDBs) including Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Allora code wizards integrate into the menus of the IDE application for easy access. A sequence of GUI dialogs guides the developer to provide necessary and optional parameters. www.hitsw.com

Rational and Sun Announce First End-to-End LifeCycle Development Solution
(Lexington, MA and Palo Alto, CA) - Rational Software has integrated its suite of application development tools with Sun's Java and J2EE technologies, as well as the Forte for Java IDE, creating a comprehensive, cross-platform set of e-development tools for developers writing to the Solaris operating environment.

With this environment, developers can build on the platform they're using to deploy their software, thereby avoiding the cost of additional testing and transition time.www.rational.com and http://sun.com

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