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Kawa 5.0
Allaire Corporation

Kawa 5.0 is an integrated development environment for J2EE application development. A streamlined J2EE-compliant visual tool, it makes Java development accessible to many. Advanced capabilities include a debugger that supports multithreaded debugging and conditional breakpoints, as well as an extensibility framework for easy customization. Kawa 5.0 complements Allaire JRun Studio and is available in two editions, Professional and Enterprise.

Available: Immediately
Contact: www.allaire.com

TopLink 3.0

TopLink simplifies application development by bridging the gap between Enterprise JavaBean objects and relational databases. Its powerful runtime architecture allows developers to utilize existing corporate data for scalable application development.

TopLink for Java is compatible with major application servers, including IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic. It will be included in the Professional Edition of WebGain's flagship product, WebGain Studio.

For businesses, TopLink eliminates database redesigns and results in a reduction in time-to-market for application development, along with better predictability and scalability at runtime.

Available: Immediately
Contact: www.webgain.com

CodeWarrior For Java Version 6.0

CodeWarrior for Java is a set of development tools that can be used to create applications for wireless devices. The tools are the first to support the Mobile Information Device (MID) profile, targeted at wireless devices with limited memory and processor power.

CodeWarrior for Java provides a project manager and build system, class browser and code navigation system, text editor, debugger, emulators, and drag-and-drop GUI development tools. Developer productivity is enhanced with wizards for creating applets, applications, and JavaBeans.

The tools also offer extensibility and customization options, and can import and export project and target settings in XML. The PointBase database is included.

Available: Immediately

XJB 100
Zucotto Wireless Inc.

XJB 100 is the first Bluetooth protocol stack written in Java. It provides the functionality required for Java technology-based wireless networking using the Bluetooth protocol, and is portable to any platform running a Java virtual Machine (JVM).

Zucotto Wireless first created a Bluetooth protocol stack in Java to bring wireless networking capabilities to its flagship line of Xpresso Java native processors and supporting software and hardware development kits. While the original Bluetooth stack was configured for a J2ME environment, the licensable XJB 100 can be configured for use on any Java platform, extending Bluetooth functionality to any device running a Jvm. XJB 100 works with any Bluetooth baseband that's compatible with the Host Controller Interface (HCI) specification.

Available: first quarter of 2001
Contact: www.zucotto.com

Jtest for Linux

Jtest is the first tool of its type available for the Linux platform. The product is a fully integrated automatic class testing tool for Java. It integrates every essential type of Java testing into one tool that automatically performs static analysis, and white-box, black-box, and regression testing. Jtest works on any Java class. Developers can use Jtest as soon as they've constructed and compiled each class of their project.

Available: Immediately
Contact: www.parasoft.com

WebLogic Server 6.0

BEA WebLogic Server 6.0 is one of the industry's most advanced Java application servers for building, running, and future-proofing high-volume, mission-critical e-business applications.

This new release extends the product's core functionality with the latest J2EE innovations, a wide breadth of industrial-strength "mainframe-class" functionality, and manageability benefits across the complete e-business application lifecycle.

BEA WebLogic Server 6.0 now incorporates BEA Tuxedo for improved transaction reliability. It also includes simplified manageability, usability, and installation with a new Web-based management console based on the Java Management Extension (JMX) framework, an integrated message system based on Java Message Service (JMS), and enhanced XML capabilities.

Available: Immediately via download
Contact: www.bea.com
Contact: www.metrowerks.com


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