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Three years ago, Cyrus InterSoft's founder and CEO, Scott Bayless and his team of developers decided to make Java deliver on its promise of platform independent network computing. They recognized the need for a simple, cohesive way to transparently tie together heterogeneous networks and communications systems, providing users with computing access anywhere, anytime, on any device.

To fulfill Scott's vision, certain parameters would have to be met. The system would have to:

  • Be entirely abstracted in order to sit on top of and leverage existing networks and operating systems without compromising security.
  • Provide an entirely new level of access so users can be on any machine at any time.
  • Allow for comprehensive application and resource allocation and distribution across systems and platforms.
  • Contain a new economic model to enable effective distribution of those applications and resources.
After three years of R&D, Speiros was born.

Speiros provides an on-demand Java application launching platform, eliminating the barriers between the software vendor and the consumer. Users can now invoke and execute Java applications locally on their machines without having to install them. The Java application or applet does not require a browser and can reside on any server anywhere on the Internet. "Java applications and applets do not have to be 'Speiros aware' and therefore can be distributed and accessed on-demand without any installation or integration," says Bayless. "It's that easy. Now the user doesn't need to worry about installations or upgrades and manufacturers don't need to shrink-wrap and distribute products."

The old model of Web pervasiveness tied enterprises together through shared access to content and messaging services such as e-mail and ftp. Speiros adds a new layer to the enterprise, tying networks together through shared access to programs, files and other computing resources.

Figure 1

Single VM
Cyrus InterSoft made a number of technological breakthroughs while developing Speiros. One example is the ability to run multiple Java programs on a single VM without requiring any modifications to the VM. In addition, Speiros ensures that applications' run states are encapsulated so that no application can attack another.

A second breakthrough was developing a Java platform that required no APIs. Developers simply have to write clean Java code and it will run on the Speiros system.

Client-Side Java
Current invocations of Java technology tend to run on the server side. Cyrus Intersoft designed Speiros to run the Java programs on the client side. To make this possible, Cyrus Intersoft built into the system the ability to find, access and run - without manual installation - Java located anywhere on the Internet.

Beyond the Browser
Speiros was designed to go beyond the browser - users download the Java front end called an ESTATE. It provides a means to launch Java applications and applets as well as a networked pervasive file system. The back end is made up of four servers: speirosCenter, resourceCenter, appCenter and meterCenter. Together these centers make it possible for the user to store configurations online, and find and rent applications and other computing resources on demand.

Speiros provides Java developers with the following capabilities:

  • Internet access to their Java application or applet without any ftp or installation hassles
  • Exchange or delivery of documents without attaching them to e-mail
  • Instant upgrades of all user software with a single centralized copy
  • Use on a rental or subscription basis
The Speiros platform enables developers and service providers to deploy their services in a secure environment that is available anytime, anywhere, from any network-enabled device.

Free Download
Developers can download a limited complimentary version of the Speiros technology in early August at www.cyrusintersoft.com.

Author Bio
Scot Davison is one of the founding authors of SYS-CON Publicaitons, Inc.., the publisher of Java Developer's Journal. Scott can be reached at [email protected]


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