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JDJ: Let's start off with your product, Voyager Pro. Can you give us an idea of what it is, what it does and what makes it appealing to the consumer?
David: Voyager is a product line that is focused on building distributed applications. It provides work for the different standards that have emerged, CORBA, D-COM, RMI and overall integration with the Java language and technology. Voyager provides substantial capabilities to simplify the building of distributed systems. By integrating all of these different standards together, it provides the capabilities to build applications that can interoperate and integrate existing technologies as well as some of the new standards that are coming out. We have announced our support for some emerging standards, such as JINI and Enterprise JavaBeans, and we'll be introducing products that support those technologies.

JDJ: Now suppose I'm the consumer, the Java developer, and I'm out there looking for a prime product for my development - what is going to make me choose yours over anybody else's?
David: A couple of things. You can download it right off our Web site. You can try it out, and it has received significant accolades. In fact, at the show we won the Best Product Award for Voyager [JDJ Editor's Choice Awards] and some of our other technologies have won awards. So we believe in a direct model distribution right off our Web site. We provide substantial white papers and technical assistance right there online, which allows you to get started very easily. And then, as you begin to use the product, some of the differentiations that it offers become very obvious to you. So I believe one of the main reasons people use our product - in fact, it is used by over 10,000 companies today worldwide - I believe the reason is that it's very accessible and it provides substantial value that is easy to actually get started with.

JDJ: What do you see in the immediate future for your company and your product?
David: Well, our goal is to make Voyager, the product line, very pervasive to really get everybody that is trying to get into distributed computing and build significant Enterprise applications to use our technology. So when they think of building distributed systems, they will think of Voyager and the way that Voyager can simplify their life. Over the next couple of years I would like to see a lot of people begin to use Voyager. We're shipping it with a lot of the development tool vendors such as VisualAge for Java and Symantec's Visual Café. We'll be exposed to a lot of Java developers. And in the next couple of years, with the introduction of Enterprise JavaBeans or some of the higher level functionalities such as JINI, I believe we can become a pervasive technology and really get widespread adoption so that people can build systems much simpler than they could in the past.

JDJ: You mentioned before about a Web site where you can download a demo. Can you give us the Web address?
David: Sure. If you go to www.objectspace.com, you'll see the company information there. If you go to the product section, you can download Voyager directly. You can also have access to all the technical white papers and comparisons and all that, that're online.


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