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Delivering on the Promise of Java
Java would not have achieved the momentum it has today without delivering one key benefit: platform independence. Today, more corporations are facing the challenge of integrating disparate environments. This challenge is growing even more with the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions. NationsBank, featured in this issue of JDJ, is a prime example of this integration challenge. Acquiring new banks on a regular basis, including its recent merger with Bank of America, NationsBank turned to Java to bridge its different systems and allow them to work together. When it comes to customers and assets, organizations need reliable, accurate and timely systems in place, and developers need the right tools to deliver those systems.

It's All About Pure Java
We created JBuilder, our award-winning rapid-application development tool for Java, to include features that developers have asked for most, including an intuitive user interface, a fast compiler, a complete graphical debugger, Java-Beans with source code, a reliable database architecture, easy creation of Java-Beans, tight CORBA integration and full support for Java standards. After talking to our customers, however, we discovered the feature they found to be most important was 100% Pure Java code creation for true platform-independent applications. This feature alone was key for customers like Oracle, NationsBank (whose application is highlighted in this issue), Daiwa Securities and others. These companies chose JBuilder after closely evaluating several other Java development tools. These other tools add proprietary code or markers to the existing Java code to synchronize the visual designers and the source code. If changed, this non-Java code will break the synchronization between the two and will make a developer's files unreadable to visual designers, thus causing developers to lose all their work.

We created JBuilder to ensure that Java programmers have the most productive, reliable tool to deliver platform-independent, 100% Pure Java applications - no markers or proprietary code added!

Infrastructure Is Key
Java developers also told us they needed a strong supporting infrastructure to ensure their success. Java wouldn't be successful today if it weren't for its huge infrastructure that includes major third-party partnerships, books, magazines, training, consulting, support, third-party tools, newsgroups, literature and Web sites. As with Java, JBuilder wouldn't be the market leader today if it weren't for its impressive supporting infrastructure. Before we shipped the first version of JBuilder, over 6,000 developers were already developing Java applications with the preview versions of JBuilder 1. Among them were the leading JavaBeans vendors such as KL Group; major software companies such as Oracle and IBM; corporate and independent developers such as Daiwa Securities and MicroAge; and leading universities like MIT, Purdue and UCLA. JBuilder's growing infrastructure is already the most impressive of all Java development tools and includes hundreds of third-party tools, dozens of books, an active Java developers' community that shares tips and techniques on over 20 dedicated newsgroups, a growing number of certified trainers and consultants, state-of-the-art technical support, multimedia training, an educational version (JBuilder University Edition)Éand the list goes on.

Evaluation Made Easy
Surprisingly enough, the third most requested feature for JBuilder was for an evaluation kit. A product may be the best development tool available, but if developers can't get their hands on it to evaluate it, chances are they won't even consider using it. Today, Inprise and Java Developer's Journal make it easy for Java developers to evaluate JBuilder.

With this issue of JDJ you'll have the complete JBuilder 2 evaluation kit CD. The CD includes a 60-day trial edition of JBuilder 2 Client/Server Suite, which will let you build scalable enterprise applications; VisiBroker for Java, which will allow rapid building of multitier CORBA applications; Referentia for JBuilder 2, Volume I, an integrated multimedia training tutorial; an Evaluator's Guide; case studies, technical white papers, JBuilder tips and techniques; and more. The CD includes everything professional and corporate developers need to successfully evaluate a 100% Pure Java code-creation development tool.

About the Author
Michel Gerin holds an MBA in marketing and a BS in computer science. He is senior product manager for JBuilder at Inprise Corporation, and can be reached at [email protected]


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