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Netscape and Sun Broaden Collaboration on Intranet Technologies
Netscape Communications Corporation and Sun Microsystems, Inc. are extending their strategic relationship to incorporate support for Sun's WebNFSTM Internet file system in Netscape products, and to assure interoperability between Sun's JoeTM connectivity software and the Netscape ONETM open network environment. Both companies are working to foster the development, dissemination and commercial success of a broad range of open standards-based technologies.

Sun and Netscape plan to cooperate in the joint promotion, licensing and marketing of Sun's WebNFS Internet file system, which Netscape will include in future versions of Netscape CommunicatorTM client software. In addition, Netscape and Sun will work to assure interoperability between Sun's Joe and Netscape ONE, providing Java-based client connectivity via the Internet Inter ORB Protocol (IIOP). Netscape will support the Java Interface Definition Language (IDL) application programming interface (API), and will work with Sun to define and promote a common set of service APIs. Sun and Netscape expect that interoperability between Joe and the Netscape ONE platform will enable developers to build powerful corporate applications in the Java language that run across a broad range of operating environments accessible by users through Netscape Communicator.

Joe enables Java applets running on desktop systems to connect to networked business applications running on servers. Joe is part of Sun's Solaris NEOTM product family, which includes the comprehensive CORBA-compliant system.

"Providing interoperability between Internet technologies such as WebNFS and Joe and the Netscape ONE platform, including Netscape client and server products, is another important step towards this joint goal."

"With Netscape's adoption, the momentum behind WebNFS to become the standard Internet file system is unstoppable," said Steve MacKay, vice president and general manager of Solaris Products Group, Sun Microsystems.

Netscape was the first company to license Java for inclusion in Netscape's client and server product lines. With Java and JavaScript support incorporated into both its client and server products, Netscape is the most widely deployed software platform for building and running Java-based applications, with millions of users worldwide.

Sun Launches Enhanced Catalyst Developer Program
Sun Microsystems, Inc. has enhanced its CatalystSM Developer Program with special services and support for the developer community. Catalyst is the Sun Developer Program which supports all developers who create solutions using Sun Microsystems' technologies, including the SolarisTM operating environment and the JavaTM computing language. The program, designed for corporate, government and independent developers, provides technical support, tools, and marketing opportunities for its members.

"With the recent introduction of Java tools and technologies, we have extended support and services that supply the development community with the most powerful and easily accessible resources to date," said Joe Keller, director of marketing, Sun's WorkShop Products.

Members of the Catalyst Developer Program receive the following services, support, opportunities and information:

  • Marketing Support: Developers get support for demand-creation efforts with dynamic advertising on the Sun Solutions CD, Catalyst On-line and Hardcopy Catalog, Solaris Certification Program, and a variety of other programs. Members can also take advantage of opportunities to demonstrate their products with Sun at key industry events. The Catalyst Catalog is on the Web at http://catalyst.sun.com.
  • Developer Training & Education: Stay up-to-date with specialized educational programs and white papers on Sun's technologies, solutions and visions. Sun's Authorized Education Centers offer a comprehensive range of courses for users at all levels. Developer Camps are intensive, one-day courses offering in-depth training on the latest Sun technologies.
  • Information Services & Technical Publications: Search and browse for technical and business whitepapers on SolsticeTM, Solaris, and WorkShop solutions. Additionally, join interactive on-line chat sessions with distinguished engineers.
  • Solaris Subscription Service: Receive beta and shipping versions of the Solaris operating environment for SPARCTM or Intel platforms. Subscribers automatically receive updates during the subscription period and can use SupportPack resources for code-level support.
  • Developer Services: Members receive unparalleled support for members' development efforts, including software, down-loadable test suites, equipment discounts and hardware leasing.

Sun Delivers Faster Java Applications
Sun Microsystems, Inc. also has released new JavaTM technologies for deploying fast applications based on Java. Two high performance Java Just-In-Time (JIT) development technologies - the JIT compiler for the SolarisTM, SPARCTM, platform (beta version) and the JIT Validation Test Suite - can be downloaded at http://www.sun.com/workshop/java/jit/.

JIT technology significantly increases the speed of Java applications by translating byte code to native machine code, allowing applications to run faster than programs without the JIT technology. Performance increases up to 50 times have been documented with JIT compilation, with improvements highest for long-running,compute-intensive programs such as those used for engineering or scientific work.

"We're already delivering tools such as Java WorkShop that quickly build Java applications," said Larry Weber, vice president and general manager, Sun's WorkShop Products. "With new technologies such as JIT compilation we are delivering the means to build quick applications."

Benchmark tests, including Pendragon Software's CaffeineMark(TM) test, show that Java applications deployed with JIT technology increased performance 50 times over non-JIT environments. Detailed benchmark results can be found at http://www.sun.com/workshop/java/jit/.

The JIT compiler for Solaris SPARC platform is compatible with Solaris 2.5 and Solaris 2.5.1. The JIT compilers for Solaris Intel platform, Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT, and Macintosh are expected to be available within 60 days.


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