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Java Developer's Journal is more than words and pictures printed on a page. SYS-CON Publications, the organization that brings you Java Developer's Journal, is made up of people dedicated to bringing insight, innovation, and academic quality research to the serious Java development community. JDJ will set itself apart from other journals, magazines and online publications by providing more than printed information. We are forming relationships with other types of information providers to bring JDJ subscribers access to a broad array of resources.

Our online editions provide the contents of the journal in an innovative Java format. We are pioneering new ways of delivering content online. Our Internet editions will provide expanded content to subscribers. Now, you can have and enjoy your own copy of JDJ, or access it electronically from anywhere on the globe.

This journal is committed to bringing you quintessential Java information. JDJ provides you with monthly peer-reviewed papers, articles written by industry experts, reviews of the latest Java development tools, and reviews of Java programming books. We believe that the Java language is one of the most significant developments in programming in this decade, and will remain important well into the next millenium.

As the founding editor for JDJ, I envision this journal as setting itself apart, above and beyond other Java publications. In the months and years to come, the hope is to continuously improve on the quality and content we offer. JDJ cannot do this alone. Support and contributions from the Java development community will help JDJ provide the information which our subscribers are anxious to read. JDJ accepts academic quality papers for peer review and presentation, as well as articles that present insight, new ideas and strategies, beginning and advanced tutorials, bug fixes and work arounds.

Welcome to the premiere issue of Java Developer's Journal!

Ted Coombs
Founding Editor,
Java Developer's Journal


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