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AjaxWorld Conference Schedule
    AJAXWorld 2007 New York, Day 1            
Web 2.0 Frameworks & Toolkits RIA & the Enterprise Real-World AJAX JavaScript, CSS, Standards & Security Special Theme:
The Emerging AJAX/Web 2.0 Market
1:00 - 01:30   Registration                  
1:30 - 2:15 Session: 1 Introductory Keynote   Introductory Keynote by the Creator of JSON – 'AJAX, the Browser Application Platform'
Douglas Crockford
2:20 - 3:05 Session: 2 RAD 2.0 Development With symfony
Dustin Whittle
  Using Eclipse AJAX Tooling to Develop AJAX Applications
Robert Goodman
  Web Usability in the Enterprise
Andre Charland
  Real-World Web 2.0 Comet-Based Applications
Jean-Francois Arcand
  JavaScript Performance: Speeding up Your AJAX Apps
Ryan Stout
AJAX: From Early Adoption to Business Impact
John F. Andrews
3:10 - 3:35   Break                  
03:40 - 04:10 Session: 3 Presentation & Demo by Nexaweb: Enterprise Web 2.0 - Programming with Levers, Dials and maybe Switches
Coach Wei & Bob Buffone
04:10 - 04:40 Session: 4 Presentation & Demo by Backbase: AJAX Best Practices
Jouk Pleiter
4:40 - 5:25 Session: 5 Deploying Web-Based Applications to Mobile Devices Using AJAX Techniques
Ajit Jaokar
  Stronger than AJAX: Java-Based Swing in a Server-side Web Architecture
Bruno Schaeffer
  Enterprise Comet - The Real-Time Web
Jonas Jacobi & John Fallows
  AJAX In a Clinical and Genetics Research Environment: Gladiator Components
Ritu Khanna and Edward H. Trager
  AJAX Gets Into OSGi via Eclipse
Eric Newcomer
Web 2.0 – A Venture Capitalist Perspective – Can buzzwords really create a business model?
Neil Sequeira
5:30 - 7:00   Welcome Reception                  
    AJAXWorld 2007 New York, Day 2            
Web 2.0 Frameworks & Toolkits RIA & the Enterprise Real-World AJAX JavaScript, CSS, Standards & Security Diamond Sponsor Track
7:00 - 7:30   Registration                  
7:30 - 8:15 Session: 1 Opening Keynote   Morning Keynote by the the original author of the Google Maps API –
'Scaling AJAX: The Promise and the Challenge of Modern Web Development'

Bret Taylor
8:15 - 9:05 Session: 2 Presentation & Demo by JackBe: The User Is the Killer App. Empower Them!
Luis Derechin & Dan Malks
        Inside the U.S. Air Force: How AJAX Is Improving Communications and Quality of Life
Tony Tran & Peggy Rackstraw

* 8:30-9:55am
9:10 - 9:55 Session: 3 The me2revolution – What Embedded Content Portends for Marketing & Media
Steve Rubel
  Google Gadgets and Componentized Websites
Adam Sah
  Not Just Another Pretty Face: Understanding the Business Value of RIAs
John Eckman
  Enterprise AJAX Using Java
Greg Murray
  A Study of AJAX Vulnerabilities and Hacking Techniques
Billy Hoffman
Laszlo Track Keynote: Ajax, RIA, Web 2.0, Open Source, and More.
David Temkin

* 10:00-10:45am
10:00 - 10:50 Session: 4 Presentation & Demo by Cynergy Systems: It Takes A Village: Building a World Class RIA Development Group
Dave Wolf
10:50 - 11:30 Coffee Break / Expo Floor Open                
11:35 - 12:05 Session: 5 Presentation & Demo by Google
12:05 - 12:35 Session: 6 Presentation & Demo by Oracle: The Face of Enterprise 2.0
Ric Smith
12:35 - 1:25 Session: 7 The User Experience of Social Applications
Greg Narain
Creating AJAX-Powered Forms with the Dojo Toolkit
James Harmon
Ajax for Applications and Portals – Beyond Enriching HTML Pages
Kevin Hakman
Delivering Data To Your AJAX Solutions
Bob Zurek
OpenAjax Alliance: Driving AJAX Standards and Interoperability
Jon Ferraiolo
Beyond the Buzz Words: Real-World AJAX Success Stories
Kent Libbey, Moderator

* 12:40-1:40pm
1:30 - 2:30 Lunch Break / Expo Floor Open / SYS-CON.TV Power Panel
Do We Need to Redefine 'AJAX'?

Jeremy Geelan, Moderator
2:40 - 3:30 Session: 8   Presentation & Demo by Laszlo Systems: The Browser, the Portal, and the Desktop
David Temkin
3:35 -4:25 Session: 9 Secure Web 2.0 Technologies Now Go Beyond Wikis and Blogs to Significantly Improve Enterprise Productivity
Yuval Tarsi
Web Vector Graphics & Dojo: Draw This!
Dylan Schiemann
Web 2.0 Applications with PHP and Flex
Mike Potter
Not Just Perfect, Pixel Perfect: Establishing your Design to Development Workflow
Aaron Adams & Karl Johnson
Creating a Reusable AJAX Library
Kris Hadlock
Introducing Laszlo Webtop: A Look at the New Online Desktop
Robb Beal

* 3:35-4:05pm
4:30 - 5:00 Session: 10 Presentation & Demo by ICEsoft: Secure Enterprise AJAX with ICEfaces
Stephen Maryka
  Creating the Cinematic User Experience: The Developer/Designer Collaboration
Bret Simister

* 4:10-4:55pm
5:00 - 5:45 Break / Expo Floor Open                
5:50 - 6:35 Session: 11 How and Why PHP Makes a Successful Back End for Web 2.0 & AJAX
Andi Gutmans
'Look Ma, No JavaScript!' AJAX Development with JavaServer Faces
Kito Mann
Using Flex and AJAX to Bring the 'Sexy' Back to the Enterprise
Kevin Hoyt
AJAX in Your Desktop
Rob Gonda
Using RDFa to Build Semantic Mash-ups
Dean Allemang & Willie Milnor
OpenLaszlo and AJAX: Building End-to-End Rich Internet Applications
Adam Wolff

* 5:00-6:00pm
6:35 - 7:20 Session: 12 Web 2.0 Mashups: Moving Toward Monetization
Dion Hinchcliffe
Microsoft AJAX Library Architecture – A Deep Dive
Nima Dilmaghani
Will AJAX Always Exist?
Chris Schalk
Elegant Complex Applications for Large Data Operations
TJ Kang
Denting the Browser's Chrome: Intense Experiences, Advanced RIA Development and Apollo
Andrew Trice
Hands-On OpenLaszlo Training
Antun Karlovac

* 6:30-8:00pm
7:20 - 8:00 SYS-CON.TV Power Panel
Mashups: The Future of Enterprise Apps in the Web 2.0 Era?

Dion Hinchcliffe, Moderator
    AJAXWorld 2007 New York, Day 3            
Web 2.0 Frameworks & Toolkits RIA & the Enterprise Real-World AJAX JavaScript, CSS & Standards Security & QA
07:00 - 07:30   Registration                  
07:30 - 08:15 Session: 1 Keynote Keynote by the GPM of ASP.NET AJAX –
'AJAX in the Balance'

Brad Abrams
8:15 - 8:45 Session: 2 Presentation & Demo by Kapow Technologies: Serving Mashups from the Long Tail of the Web
Stefan Andreasen
8:50 - 9:35 Session: 3 The Social Aggregator: Emerging Next-Generation Information Architecture
Hooman Radfar
Google Web Toolkit: For Quick Relief of AJAX Pain
Scott Blum
Tapping the Power with Rich Internet Applications
David Linthicum
AJAX In Enterprise Applications
Seshubabu Simhadri
Ruining the User Experience – When JavaScript and AJAX Go Bad
Aaron Gustafson
Automatically Testing the UI of AJAX: Challenges and Solutions
Reginald Stadlbauer
9:40 - 10:30 Session: 4 Presentation & Demo by Adobe: 'HDUX' – High Definition User Experience with Flex & Apollo
Christophe Coenraets
10:35 - 11:30 Coffee Break / Expo Floor Open                
11:35 - 12:05 Session: 5 Presentation & Demo by Helmi Technologies: Step by Step - Helmi Open Source RIA Platform
Juho Risku
12:05 - 12:35 Session: 6 Presentation & Demo by JetBrains: JavaScript Puzzlers - Is An IDE the Fifth Wheel or the Sixth Sense?
Mike Aizatsky
12:40 - 1:30 Session: 7 Maximize Your Revenue From Your Web 2.0 Venture
Troy Angrignon
Seam and AJAX
Gavin King
The A in SOA Should Be 'AJAX'
John Crupi
Code Generation, Automated Builds & Frameworks: Where your SOA and RIA Meet
Chris Scott
JSON: Making the 'X' in AJAX Superfluous
Douglas Crockford
Ensuring Quality in AJAX Applications
Nathan Jakubiak
1:30 - 2:30     Lunch Break / Expo Floor Open / SYS-CON.TV Power Panel
How Far Are We Along On Our Way To The Rich Web?

Jeremy Geelan, Moderator
2:40 - 3:30 Session: 8 Clueful 2.0: The Intentionality of Wisdom in the AJAX Age
Eric Miraglia
Encapsulating AJAX Functionality in JavaServer Faces Components
Craig McClanahan
Effective AJAX for Everyone Including the Enterprise
Joshua Gertzen
Case Study: Make AJAX Work for Your Site and Your Users – How To Improve Product Selection
Glenn Barnett & Riccardo La Rosa
So You Wanna Be a DOM Star? (Pragmatic DOM Scripting)
Molly E. Holzschlag
Performance-Tune Your AJAX Application
Bob Buffone
3:35 - 4:20 Session: 9 Presentation & Demo by TIBCO: AJAX RIAs and the Service-Oriented Platform
Kevin Hakman
4:20 - 5:15 Coffee Break / Expo Floor Open              
5:20 - 6:05 Session: 10 Web 2.0 Security
Dan Cornell
AJAX-Enable Your Java Application with DWR
Joe Walker
Visual AJAX - Combining Open Source Projects to Achieve Ease-of-Development
Coach Wei
Rails: De Facto API for the Web?
Alex Bunardzic
The Future of AJAX is ... XML?
Kurt Cagle
RIA/AJAX Architectures - Scalability, Responsiveness, End User Experience, Common Bottlenecks and Best Practices
Juho Risku
6:05 - 7:00 Session: 11 Streamlining Your Web 2.0 Solutions from End-to-End with XML
Chris Gruber
Doing AJAX with the Microsoft AJAX Development Platform
Joe Stagner
Learn How to Build and Deploy a Business AJAX Application in 30 Minutes
Jan Aaleman
AJAX: Not the Only Game in Town Bringing collaboration, rich media, and responsiveness to smart clients with the Flash Platform
Jim Phelan
AJAX and Accessibility: What You Need To Know
Derek Featherstone

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