Beyond Basic Mashups - Using Geospatial Analysis to Aid Decision Making
Speaker: Jayant B. Sai

Session Description: Most online mashups are about representing data - crimes in Chicago, real estate listings, golf courses, bicycling routes, wild fires, etc. To bring this data together and use it effectively for decision making, requires geospatial analysis. What if you could use advanced geospatial analysis from a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to decide the best place to buy a home, the best route, fire movement? What if an AJAX-enabled JavaScript API, built using Dojo, backed by REST, provided this geospatial functionality, to support your application development and help your customer’s decision process. This session will showcase such capabilities.

Speaker Bio: Jayant Sai is the lead developer for ESRI's ArcGIS Server JavaScript API. The JavaScript API works with ESRI's JavaScript Map, Google Maps, and Virtual Earth. He is also the lead for client-side and AJAX integration for the ArcGIS Server Java product, which is a set of JSF-based server-side components for Web mapping application development. Although he has a masters degree in architecture, he pursued a career in GIS starting as a QA programmer and moved on to become a full-fledged software developer working on Web application frameworks.