Forget Mashups - Integrate Workflow
Speaker: Rod Boothby

Session Description: To date, most mashups have been dashboards that give an end user a unified view of data. That only solves a limited set of business problems. Integrating workflow and helping people to get things done is far more useful to business end users. Blasting through over 400 slides in a raucous 45 minutes, Rod will cover the requirements for the next generation of productivity tools: ad hoc applications, easily customized by end users, integrated with many SaaS and Enterprise tools, virally distributed, focused on workflow and compatible with both social software tools such as blogs and legacy email and IM.

Speaker Bio: A former Fixed Income Derivatives trader at Wells Fargo, and a consultant with Ernst & Young's Financial services advisory practice, Rod Boothby has seen how end users really work. In his job as the head of product management at Teqlo, he is now focused on making their lives easier with integrated workflow tools.