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"Alternative Approaches to Architecting Logon and User Management"
Vol. 8, Issue 3, p. 23


Listing 1

      String username = request.getParameter("username");

      HttpSession session = ((HttpServletRequest)request).getSession(true);

      boolean liu = LoggedInUserTable.isLoggedInUser(username);
      if (!liu)
       LoggedInUserTable.addLoggedInUser(session.getId(), username);
       String userSessionId = LoggedInUserTable.getSessionId(username);
        if ( userSessionId != session.getId())

Listing 2

     public class UserTracker implements  HttpSessionListener {
     String sessionId = null;

     public void sessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent e) {
      public void sessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent e) {



Listing 3

     public class LoggedInUserTable {

     /** A Hashtable of all of the active users. */

     private static Hashtable LoggedInUsers = new Hashtable ();

     public static boolean isLoggedInUser (String username) {
     return  LoggedInUsers.containsValue(username);

     public static void addLoggedInUser ( String sessionId, String username) {
     LoggedInUsers.put (sessionId, username);

     public static String getSessionId(String username) {
     return (String) LoggedInUsers.get(username);


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