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"Working With Dynamic XML Documents, by Jon Siegel"
Vol. 6, Issue 5, p. 34


Listing 1

<purchase_order company="Enjay Manufacturing" 
 <street>21 Pine 

Listing 2 

// Modify any Bolt items quantity values to 150 gross
 // where their POitem_number is 'BO1420'
 DOMString checker = makeDOMString("BO1420");
 DOMString change = 
 // Loop over the items in our PO:
 for (int i = 0; i < elms.length(); i++)
 Element poItem = 
 // ino is the POitem_number element for this 
 NodeList ino =
 // iqty is the POitem_quantity element for 
this poItem:
 NodeList iqty =
 if (ino.length() != 1 || iqty.length() != 
purchase Order");
 // This next line is explained in detail in 
the text
 // Compare successful: this 
poItem needs its gross changed
Listing 3 

 // Retrieve a purchasing server object reference
 // from the naming service...
 PurchasingServer server = whatever;
 // Set up the document root of our PO tree 
 dom.Document thePO = whatever; // set equal to our PO 
document root
 // Here we go...
 if (server.PlaceOrder(thePO)) // this line sends 
the entire document
 // Success!
 // Whoops.


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