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"Building J2EE Apps For Performance And Scalability"
Vol. 6, Issue 4, p. 56


Listing 1

public class PolicyBean implements javax.ejb.EntityBean {
  public Vehicle vehicle; // data we're interested in
  public Holder holder;

  public void ejbLoad() {} // Load nothing by default

  public String getVehicleId() {
    loadVehicle(); // insure that dependent beans are loaded
    return vehicle.getVIN();

  private void loadVehicle() { // do this in-line for better performance
    if (vehicle != null) {
      // get initCtxt hereŠ
      home = (VehicleHome) initCtxt.lookup("VehicleHome");
      vehicle = home.findByPolicy (policyID);

Listing 2

public class SharedData implements SessionBean {
  private ListArray m_data; // cached data
  private int m_accessCnt; // access counter
  public void ejbCreate() {
    reloadData(); // get data for the first time
  private void reloadData() {
    // do sql query, store result in m_data
  public String[] readNextRow (Cursor curs) {
    if (m_accessCnt++ > 1000) { // refresh?
      m_accessCnt = 0;
      reloadData(); // re-get the data
    int i = curs.incRow(); // update row
    return (String[]) m_data.elementAt(i);


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