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"The Java Message Service"
Vol. 6, Issue 3, p. 42


Listing 1

Properties env = new Properties();
// ... specify the JNDI properties specific to the JNDI SPI being used
jndi = new InitialContext(env);
// obtain a connection factory
factory =
// create a connection
connect = factory.createTopicConnection (username, password);

// create a session for publishing, and one for subscriptions
pubSession =

subSession =

myTopic = (Topic)jndi.lookup("My First Topic");

// create the publisher and the subscriber
publisher = pubSession.createPublisher(myTopic);
subscriber = subSession.createSubscriber(myTopic);

// associate the onMessage() handler with this subscriber

// start the flow of incoming messages

TextMessage textMsg = pubSession.createTextMessage();
textMsg.setText("My first JMS message!);

    javax.jms.DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT,          // delivery mode
    javax.jms.Message.DEFAULT_PRIORITY,    // message priority
    1800000); // Time-to-live (30 minutes)


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