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"Consolidating Legacy Data "
Vol. 6, Issue 1, p. 48


Listing 1

#define CUSTNO_LEN 8
#define FNAME_LEN 24
#define LNAME_LEN 24
#define ADDR_LEN  24
#define CITY_LEN  24
#define STATE_LEN 2
#define ZIP_LEN  10

struct C_CUSTOMER {
	char custno[CUSTNO_LEN];
	char fname[FNAME_LEN];
	char lname[LNAME_LEN];
	char addr[ADDR_LEN];
	char city[CITY_LEN];
	char state[STATE_LEN];
	char zip[ZIP_LEN];
	double balancedue;
	int datedue_month;
	int datedue_day;
	int datedue_year;

Listing 2


Listing 3

	<Address>1234 Main St.</Address>


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