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"MM.MySQL and the MySQL Database System"
Vol. 5, Issue 12, p. 76


Listing 1

	// Assume conn is a java.sql.Connection to a MySQL database 
	// that has already been created using DriverManager.getCon-
	// nection()

	Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();

	stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO myTable VALUES ('abc', '123')");

		// Get the value for the AUTO_INCREMENT primary key

	long autoKey = ((org.gjt.mm.mysql.Statement)stmt).getLastIn-			sertID();

	// Get the (potentially) large update count (in this case 			// should be "1"

	long bigUpdateCount = ((org.gjt.mm.mysql.Statement)stmt).get   	LongUpdateCount();
Listing 2	

	// Assume conn is a java.sql.Connection to a MySQL database 
	// that has already been created using DriverManager.getCon-
	// nection(), and that we have a java.security.cert.Certifi-
	// cate named "cert" given to us by some client that we want 	// to store in the "serObject" table in our MySQL database
	PreparedStatement pstmt = 
	conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO serObject values (?, ?)");

pstmt.setString(1, "username");
pstmt.setObject(2, cert);

// By calling executeUpdate here, a row will be inserted, 
// where the user column will be set to "username" and the 
// cert column will have a serialized version of
// the certificate



// Okay, now let's retrieve the certificate

Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();

ResultSet rs =  stmt.executeQuery("select cert from serObject where user='username'");

while (rs.next()) {
// If you're using MM.MySQL 2.0.2 or earlier, retrieve the 
// certificate using the utility class
java.security.cert.Certificate aSerializedCert = 
	(java.security.cert.Certificate)org.gjt.mm.mysql.Util.readOb-			ject(rs, 1);

// Or, if you're using MM.MySQL 2.0.3 or newer, use this 
// format:

java.security.cert.Certifcate aSerializedCert = 

// Now, do something with the certificate





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