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"mBedded Server 4.0"
Vol. 5, Issue 11, p. 114


Listing 1

import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class SimpleDisplayImpl extends Frame implements SimpleTextDisplayer {
	Label theTextToDisplay = new Label("",Label.CENTER);
	public SimpleDisplayImpl() {


	public void displaySimpleText(String theNewText) {

	private void initializeUI(){


		addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter(){
		public void windowClosing(java.awt.event.WindowEvent e) {

Listing 2

import org.osgi.framework.*;

import java.util.*;

//	Class SimpleDisplayActivator
//		activates the SimpleDisplay Service bundle

public class SimpleDisplayActivator implements BundleActivator {

	public void start(BundleContext bc) throws BundleException {
		try {  

			SimpleDisplayImpl tImpl = new SimpleDisplayImpl(); 
			Hashtable dict = new Hashtable();

			dict.put("Description", "SimpleTextDisplayer service");
			ServiceRegistration servReg
= bc.registerService("SimpleTextDisplayer", tImpl, dict);

		} catch (Exception e) {

			throw new BundleException("Failure in start method, " + e.getMessage(), e);


	public void stop(BundleContext bc) throws BundleException {



import com.prosyst.mbs.client.pmp.*;

public class SimpleSend {

static String SIMPLEDISPLAY = "SimpleTextDisplayer";

	// This demonstrates how to
	//	call a method of some service in the framework through PMP.

	public static void main(String [] args) {

		try {      

			// Init connection object.

			Connection con = new Connection();
1449, "admin", "admin", (byte) 0);

			// Get remote reference to service.

			RemoteObject rObject = con.getReference(SIMPLEDISPLAY, "");                        

			String [] str = new String[1];
			str[0] = new String("java.lang.String");      

			// Get method of service.

			RemoteMethod rMethod = rObject.getMethod("displaySimpleText", str);             
			Object [] objArr = new Object[1];      
			objArr[0] = new String("This String came from SimpleSend");

			// Call method.

			rMethod.invoke(objArr, false);                        

		} catch (Exception e) {




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