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"Building a Chat Applet"
Vol. 3, Issue 3, p. 30

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Listing 1: Unlink command.
# read the log file data  
 @logcache = <LOG>;  
 chop @logcache;  
 unshift(@logcache,$date.' '.$contents{'chatline'});  
# Calculate the number of lines our chat log contains  
 $numberOfChatLines = ($#logcache + 1 );  
# check to see if we have exceeded our maximum log size  
 if ($numberOfChatLines > $maxChat){  
    # Remove the oldest chat line  

Listing 2: Run ( ) method.
   chatServer = new URL(app.getDocumentBase(),cgiPath+"chat.cgi");  
   chatServerConnection = chatServer.openConnection();  

   DataOutputStream send = new DataOutputStream(chatServerConnection.getOutputStream());  

Listing 3: Chat.CGI may be found on our Web site at www.sys-con.com/java
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