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"NetCharts, by NetFactory, Inc."
Vol. 2, Issue 11, p. 66


Listing 1: Declaring the barchart applet. 

<applet name=barchart 
 width=400 height=250> 
<param name=NFParamScript value = ' 
DebugSet = LICENSE; 
Background= (lightGray, NONE, 0, "../classes/netcharts/demo/flock.gif"); 
Header= ("Weekday Network Load"); 
HeaderBox = (lightGray, RAISED, 5); 
BottomTics= ("ON", black, "TimesRoman", 16); 
LeftTics= ("ON", black, "TimesRoman", 16); 
LeftScale= (0, 300); 
LeftFormat= (INTEGER); 
BarLabels = "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri"; 
LeftTitle = ("Bytes\nPer\nSec", black, "TimesRoman", 20); 
LeftTitleBox= (white, SHADOW, 5); 
DwellLabel= ("", black, "Courier", 20); 
DwellBox = (yellow, RAISED, 3); 
GraphType = GROUP; 
DataSets = ("Server #1", blue); 
DataSet1 = 100, 125, 245.78, 147, 67; 


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