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InetSoft Releases Version 4.3 of Style Report
(Piscataway, NJ) - InetSoft Technology Corporation has released version 4.3 of Style Report. New features include a Web-based report designer, a full suite of debug/development tools, and reusable report components, allowing for easier report creation, easier deployment, and lower maintenance.

ReportMill5 Brings PDF and Flash to Java Web Apps
(Dallas) - ReportMill Software, Inc., has announced the general availability of ReportMill 5, a developer tool providing dynamic PDF and Flash Web pages and reports for Web applications. The new version is written entirely in Java and runs on all major platforms with support for all Java-based Web application servers, including those from BEA, IBM, Oracle, Sun, and Apple.

ICS Releases Version 3.40 of Kronos Enterprise Scheduler
(Paramus, NJ) - Indus Consultancy Services (ICS) has announced the latest in a series of improvements to Kronos Enterprise Scheduler, a full-featured job scheduling system written for the J2EE environment.

The new release fixes some minor bugs, and adds a new security feature to control user access to jobs, tasks, and schedules. A new environment setting allows the Kronos Enterprise Scheduler administrator to restrict users to seeing only those items they've created. Administrators still have full access to all items.

Slangsoft Licenses iTID Platform to SavaJe
(Boston) - SavaJe is integrating Slangsoft's intelligent text input and display platform with the SavaJe XE operating system. Device manufacturers (OEMs) can rely on the iTID-enabled SavaJe XE to create information appliances that meet today's demand for portable computing with fast, intuitive text input and scalable text display for up to 52 languages.

Rational Announces Support for BEA WebLogic Server 6.1
(Lexington, MA) - Rational Software has announced support for BEA WebLogic Server 6.1 with Rational XDE Professional: Java Platform Edition and a new BEA WebLogic Plug-In for the Rational Unified Process, simplifying and accelerating the development and deployment of Java and J2EE applications.

The BEA WebLogic Plug-In is available as a free download at the RUP Exchange on the Rational Developer Network (www.rational.net).

eXcelon Announces Javlin 1.2
(Burlington, MA) - eXcelon Corporation has announced Javlin 1.2, a new version of its middle-tier J2EE data cache manager. The latest release features new functionality that enables tighter integration with application server environments, including BEA WebLogic Server. In addition, Javlin is supported on all WebLogic Server platforms, including Windows, Solaris, Linux, and HP-UX. Javlin 1.2 also now supports the JDK 1.3.

Versata/ILOG Collaborate on Business Logic Initiative
(Oakland, CA) - Versata Inc. has announced an agreement with ILOG, calling for the companies to collaborate to offer the industry's first end-to-end business rules solution.

Under the terms of the agreement, Versata will develop a connector between the Versata Logic Server and ILOG JRules and, in turn, ILOG will develop a connector between their ILOG JViews for Workflow product and the Versata Logic Server.

This blend of business logic will enable customers to build highly transactional, performance-critical systems that integrate decisions or deduction rules that can be changed dynamically by business users.

TOWER Technology Announces eProcess Objects Enhancements
(Boston) - TOWER Technology's TOWER eProcess Objects now include J2EE EJB middleware software.

With TOWER eProcess Objects, browser-based local and remote workers can participate in production-level workflows and integrated case management processes with no loss of functionality or performance and without the client maintenance and infrastructure costs of a private wide-area network.

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