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Stephan Hillion Creator of DynamicJava

RH: What features do you plan for DynamicJava?

Stephan Hillion: There is no additional feature to add to DynamicJava. The objective is to have a scripting language as close as possible to the Java Language Specification. In the current version almost all the Java features are supported: there's no need to extend the core interpreter for the moment - perhaps when things like genericity or assertions [are] included in the Java language. I opened a Pandora's box by adding scripting features to the language (C-style functions, stand-alone statements), but I don't want other extensions to be added. The actual scripting features are minimal and allow both easy scripting and easy transition between scripts and real Java programs. And nobody asks for other features.

RH: How would you compare DynamicJava to BeanShell?

SH: The main difference with BeanShell is the object model: BeanShell has a JavaScript-like object model while DynamicJava recognizes and interprets all the Java constructs including classes and inner classes definitions. The consequences are that you can go farther in prototyping (with DynamicJava).

RH: Any guess as to the number of people using DynamicJava?

SH: Since the last release in March, about 500 downloads. It's the only indication I have.

RH: What special features set DynamicJava apart from other scripting languages that run in the JVM?

SH: DynamicJava is Java: no wrappers to Java objects - DynamicJava objects are Java objects (usable by Java objects), no new language to learn for Java developers. You can take a script, and with very few modifications it becomes a true Java class.


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