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Object Orientation

  Core Object Principles in OO Programming
       by York Davis
       Volume: 9 Issue: 1

Inversion of Control Rocks
       by Paul Hammant
       Volume: 8 Issue: 12

Pattern Principles: The Open-Closed Principle
       by Kirk Knoernschild
       Volume: 7 Issue: 2

Modeling Enterprise Java Components with UML
       by Vaughn Vernon
       Volume: 6 Issue: 2

Using Space-Based Programming for Loosely Coupled
      Distributed Systems
       by Tarak Modi
       Volume: 5 Issue: 10

Implementing Fowler's Analysis Validator Pattern in Java
       by Dr. Sara Stoeklin & Dr. Clement Allen
       Volume: 5 Issue: 9

The Power of Polymorphism
       by Jim Barnabee
       Volume: 5 Issue: 8

Implementing Business Rules in Java 2
       by Colleen McClintock & Chris Roberts
       Volume: 5 Issue: 7

Seperating Presentation from Business Logic
       by Barry Tait
       Volume: 5 Issue: 7

Implementing Business Rules in Java 1
       by Colleen McClintock & Carole Ann Berioz
       Volume: 5 Issue: 5

Teaching Basic Object-Oriented Concepts Using HTML
       by Daniela Micucci & Andrea Trentini
       Volume: 5 Issue: 4

Back to Basics
       by Gene Callahan & Brian Clark
       Volume: 4 Issue: 8

Multiplatform Application Design with Java
       by Jim Wright
       Volume: 4 Issue: 6

Data-Driven Components
       by Erik Hyrkas
       Volume: 4 Issue: 5

Designing a Web Browser
       by Pascal Ledru
       Volume: 4 Issue: 4

Clarify Your Code in the Functional Style
       by Gene Callahan & Rob Dodson
       Volume: 4 Issue: 4

Java — The Software Design
       by E Ming Tan
       Volume: 4 Issue: 1

Generalized Enumeration Mechanism for Java
       by Myung Ho Kim
       Volume: 3 Issue: 5

Singletons, N-tons, & Static-only Classes
       by Brian Maso
       Volume: 3 Issue: 4

Designing Objects for Concurrency 3
       by Jordan Anastasiade
       Volume: 3 Issue: 2

A Simple Model/View/Controller Pattern
       by Brian Maso
       Volume: 3 Issue: 1

Developing Collaborative Games Using Active Objects
       by Larry Chen & Todd Busby
       Volume: 3 Issue: 1

Developing Collaborative Games Using Active Objects
       by Larry T. Chen & Todd A. Busby
       Volume: 2 Issue: 12

       by John Tabbone
       Volume: 2 Issue: 12

Welcome to OO
       by John Tabbone
       Volume: 2 Issue: 11

Improved Observer/Observable
       by Steven Schwell
       Volume: 2 Issue: 10

Designing Objects for Concurrency 2
       by Jordan Anastasiade
       Volume: 2 Issue: 6

Design Patterns
       by Richard Monson-Haefel
       Volume: 2 Issue: 6

Implementing Design Patterns in Java
       by Qusay Mahmoud
       Volume: 2 Issue: 5

Discovering Distributed Objects
       by Andreas Vogel
       Volume: 2 Issue: 5

Designing Objects for Concurrency 1
       by Jordan Anastasiade
       Volume: 2 Issue: 4

Variables Have Types, Objects Have Classes
       by Mark Robinson
       Volume: 2 Issue: 4

Object-Producer-Consumer Idiom
       by Nathan Whelchel
       Volume: 1 Issue: 1

Writing Java Programs for Dynamic Content Handling
       by Sashi Lazar
       Volume: 1 Issue: 1


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